This call for proposals is managed by ICOM CECA and aims to spread the use of the Best Practice document, and to encourage members’ participation in the CECA Annual Conference. This being done in order to promote sharing and exchange of museum experiences at international and intercontinental levels.
To submit a proposal, it is necessary to download the online application, fill it in electronically and send it by email to Margarita Laraignée, Responsible of the CECA Best Practice award: margaritalaraignee@gmail.com
Proposals can be written in English, French or Spanish and must include all information required for the international jury to review proposals in accordance with the criteria set out below.
Proposals must:

  • (a) Refer to programs based on the Best Practice document.
  • (b) Electronically submitted to CECA Responsible Margarita Laraignée:
  • (c) Submitted no later than the deadline. Any expenses incurred during the preparation and submission of proposals shall not be reimbursed by ICOM CECA.

Duration and terms of the grant
The list of winning proposals will be made public as of June each year. The financial grant will be attributed to the three best programs. The person who submitted the program will be granted funds and personally receive the award certificate. Changes can occur only for exceptional and justified reasons and must be authorized by the jury. Selected members will ship items on July of the relevant year.

For three winners, the CECA Board will cover registration fees for the annual conference as well as a maximum of 400.00 euros toward accommodation expenses, upon presentation of an invoice and within the limit of the amount set. Transportation costs will not be covered.

The jury will be chaired by Marie-Clarté O’Neill, President of the CECA and will be composed of a member of the Bureau and previous winners of the Best Practice Award.
The evaluation will be based on the following criteria (100 points):
Response to the Best Practice document (100 points).
These criteria will be assessed based on the methodology provided by the applicant, which will set out how the applicant intends to develop the program according to the three points detailed in the Best Practice document: 1. Conceiving and planning of the program (max 60
points); 2. Carrying out the program (max 20 points); 3. Evaluation and remedial process (max 20 points).
All the proposals scoring at least 70 out of 100 points will be classified as technically acceptable and proposed for the yearly Best Practice book publication, edited by Margarita Laraignée.

To participate, members must complete an application form in accordance with the application procedures. The form must be completed electronically and sent exclusively to Margarita Laraignée, Responsible for the Best Practice Award: margaritalaraignee(at)gmail.com.
Late applications will not be accepted, nor will applications that do not meet the criteria described above.

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