Affiliated Organisations

The Affiliated Organisations are international associations or councils that may serve the interest of museums and museum professionals. They are separate entities but participate in ICOM’s activities and contribute to the influence of ICOM and its network.

AEOM – Association of European Open-Air Museums

AFRICOM – International Council of African Museums

AIMA – International Association of Agricultural Museums

AMMM – Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums

CAM – Commonwealth Association of Museums

CIMAM – International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art

EXARC – International Organisation of Archaeological Open-Air Museums and Experimental Archaeology

FIHRM – Federation of International Human Rights Museums

HANDS ON! – International Association of Children in Museums

IACCCA – International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art

IACM – International Association of Customs/Tax Museums

IAMFA – International Association of Museum Facility Administrators

IAMH – International Association of Museums of History

IATM – International Association of Transport and Communications Museums

ICAM – International Confederation of Architectural Museums

ICMM – International Congress of Maritime Museums

ICSC – International Coalition of Sites of Conscience

MAC – Museums Association of the Caribbean

MINOM – International movement for a new Museology

PIMA – Pacific Islands Museum Association

SIBMAS – International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts