ICOM Strategic Plan

The ICOM Strategic Plan 2011 – 2013 was drafted within a view to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of a fast-changing museum landscape.


ICOM’s strategic objectives 2011-2013:

> Increase membership value and transparency for ICOM members

> Develop museum and heritage expertise

> Strengthen ICOM’s global leadership in the heritage sector

> Develop and manage resources to implement the Strategic Plan effectively

Every three years, a new strategic plan is adopted by the General Assembly and it is implemented by both ICOM General Secretariat and the National and International Committees.

2013 marked the culmination of three years of ICOM activities and priority actions, and the Executive Council has extended the validity of the Strategic Plan 2011-2013 for another year in order to ensure coherence while a Working Group on the Statutes, Internal Rules & Regulations and Governance is reviewing the governance and internal structures of ICOM for the June 2015 General Assembly.

Strategic plan 2011-2013