Submissions are welcome until 15 April 2023 to the Micheletti Award, the DASA Award and the Art Museum Award. The Children in Museums Award accepts submissions until 15 March 2023.

Each year, the European Museum Academy awards museums, other kinds of organisations and individuals that excel at showcasing and contextualising art and cultural heritage. The awards recognise successes in making collections more accessible, more relevant and more meaningful for today’s audiences.

Children in Museums Award

Each year Hands On! rewards the most excellent children’s exhibition or project dedicated to children with the Children in Museums Award. The award was recently named one of Europe’s most prestigious museums awards by NEMO- The Network of European Museums Organisations. The Children in Museums Award values creativity and innovation and considers how an exhibition or programme can change the course of museum thinking or museum practice. Co-orgnaised with Hands On! International Association of Children’s Museums. Learn more. Closing date: 15 March.

Art Museum Award

The Art Museum Award is a European award that places the social role of art museums in the centre. The award honours museum projects placing art in innovative, pioneering and creative contexts, to address and respond to current social issues. The award is built upon democratic and human values, including social justice, participation, inclusion, gender equality, racial justice, community building, sustainability, and resilience. These values should be the driving force behind new museological ideas for the 21st century. The award sets out to identify new role models, and models of excellence that can function as inspiring paragons of the social role of art museums. Art museums and art galleries are eligible.  Learn more. Closing date: 1 April.

DASA Award

The DASA Award is dedicated to the quality of learning opportunities in museums. The Award concentrates on the quality of learning opportunities in museums. The basic criteria of this award are educational: the quality of the storyline, the learning opportunities, the creativity of the exhibition design and the programming of educational activities. Specific attention is also given to personal mediation, the interactive participation of the public and an effective mix of education and entertainment. Learn more. Closing date: 1 April.

Luigi Micheletti Award

History-Telling is based upon storytelling, which is key for all museums in their attempt to make temporal sense. The Luigi Micheletti Award is meant for all kinds of museums that convey a strong and compelling narrative via their exhibition – at the service of society. All museums working with conclusive and sound narratives are welcome to apply.

The Micheletti Award is organized in cooperation with the Micheletti Foundation to highlight best practices in museums. The award focuses on innovative museums and exhibitions of 20th-century history, science, technology, industry, science centres, eco-museums, and interpretation centres. There is a special interest in new museological ideas and/or practices and in the impact of a museum on the local, regional, national and international scene.

The Award is supported by the Fondazione Luigi Micheletti, a research centre on contemporary history, and specialized in collecting and spreading material and immaterial heritage of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Learn more. Closing date: 15 April.