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July 5, 2023

Unveiling the Georgian Translation: Introducing the New Museum Definition News, Statement

On July 5, 2023, ICOM Georgia organized an online seminar focusing on the New Museum Definition. During the seminar, the official presentation and approval of the Georgian translation of the definition took place.

The seminar featured distinguished speakers, Laura Bonilla-Merchav and Bruno Brulloni, Chairs of the ICOM Define Committee, along with moderator Lana Karaia, Chair of ICOM Georgia. They provided a comprehensive analysis of the new museum definition, sparking insightful discussions among the participants. The seminar highlighted significant changes in the museum’s role, emphasizing inclusiveness, community participation, and sustainability. With over 100 representatives from the museum and heritage field in Georgia and other countries, the event fostered a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange and exploration.

During the seminar, the official presentation and approval of the Georgian translation of the New Museum definition took place. This important step demonstrated the commitment to incorporating the new definition into the Georgian context and fostering a shared understanding within the local museum community.

Let us remind you that the new definition of the museum reached its final approval during the 26th ICOM General Conference in Prague on August 24, 2022. With an overwhelming majority of 92.4% of the votes, this significant milestone concluded an 18-month participatory process that engaged museum professionals from ICOM’s 126 national committees. The extensive involvement and collaboration of hundreds of individuals contributed to the development of a definition that reflects the collective expertise and aspirations of the global museum community.

The official Georgian translation of the new museum definition, along with the recorded seminar, will be disseminated to all museums in Georgia. Furthermore, it will be shared with both governmental and private organizations in the country’s museum and heritage sector to facilitate the implementation process. This comprehensive distribution aims to ensure that the new definition is effectively integrated into the practices and policies of museums across Georgia, fostering a shared understanding and commitment to its principles.