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August 20, 2023

Call for Papers – Museum International: Open Edition 2024 Focus, Network

Museum International is preparing to release a second Open edition in 2024, inviting submissions from the museum and heritage domains.

We encourage all proposals in these fields. Each abstract received will undergo assessment based on its alignment with the contemporary museum landscape, following an impartial review process ensuring anonymity.

The forthcoming edition of Museum International will explore the diversity of subjects and contributors shaping the global museum landscape. Aligned with the journal’s core mission, it will continue to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and discussions within the international museum community across diverse museum and heritage domains. The publication will encompass a wide range of multidisciplinary and international research articles, case studies, reports, and book reviews, all with an inclusive approach.

Scheduled for release in summer 2024, this issue is a collaborative effort with Taylor & Francis/Routledge.

Abstracts of around 300 words, in English, French, or Spanish, are invited for submission to in a Word (.doc) format.

Participation in the contributions is on a voluntary basis.

Please ensure that the following details are included along with the abstract:

  1. Title of submitted paper
  2. Name(s) of author(s)
  3. Professional background

The abstract submission deadline is 02 October 2023.

The abstracts received will be examined on a blind review basis by the Editorial Board.

While Museum International is primarily published in English, we do consider proposals in the other two official languages of ICOM, namely French and Spanish. If your abstract is chosen, we will furnish you with instructions for your complete article, and you’ll have approximately two months to finalize it. You are welcome to submit your full article in English, French, or Spanish.


An abstract is a short summary of your journal manuscript, about 300 words long (excluding references). It gives a quick overview of your article’s main points. Please send your abstract as a Word document. The abstract should make sense on its own and shouldn’t have images or footnotes.

For Museum International, your abstract should cover these aspects:

  1. Introduction: one or two short sentences to describe the overall topic dealt with in the article and provides background to the study.
  2. Research question(s)/Critical issue(s): explains the key research question or critical issue, by stating the problem addressed. It should also highlight the gap in existing research on the topic.
  3. Innovation: explains the approach to the research question/issue, and the new perspective adopted.
  4. Methodology: explains how the research was carried out (e.g. case studies, interviews, etc.) or the means used to address the critical issue.
  5. Selected references: a selection of the references that will be cited in the article(only your main sources).
  6. Keywords (maximum of 5).