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July 4, 2023

ICOM and ICOM Georgia at the 2nd Tbilisi Women’s International Conference – TWIC Conference, News

The 2nd Tbilisi Women’s International Conference (TWIC), held on 1st July 2023 under the patronage of the President of Georgia, centered around conflicts, peacebuilding, cultural heritage protection, security, leadership, and Georgia’s European integration. This high-level event provided an inclusive platform for meaningful discussions and approaches, advancing progress in these crucial areas with a focus on the influential role of women.

Lana Karaia, Chair of ICOM Georgia, represented both ICOM and ICOM Georgia at the 2nd Tbilisi Women’s International Conference. As a panelist in the session titled “Women Protecting Cultural Heritage in Conflict Areas,” she discussed the work and tools of ICOM’s Heritage Protection Department, emphasizing the significance of the Red List and Emergency Plan for Museums. Alongside this, she shared the actions and initiatives undertaken by ICOM Georgia (specifically in the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia and Abkhazia), including capacity building projects and the #SolidaritytoUkraine project that empowers Ukrainian colleagues in Georgia and raises awareness about the importance of cultural heritage protection. Through her active involvement, she underscored the unwavering commitment of both organizations to the preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage.

TWIC – Tbilisi Women’s International Conference, initiated by HE Salome Zourabichvili, the President of Georgia, is a high-level and inclusive event designed to empower women through meaningful discussions. Departing from traditional conference formats, this gathering eliminates barriers between speakers and participants, fostering active engagement from every woman. With a unified space for open dialogue, diverse voices have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and perspectives to tackle a wide range of significant challenges. The conference encompasses nine consecutive discussion panels that explore both well-known and often overlooked topics, guided by expert moderators who facilitate connections among women from diverse fields. The event’s opening and closing segments feature renowned keynote speakers, adding further depth and inspiration to the conference’s enriching experience.

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