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September 24, 2023

ICOM Georgia board member Mariam Chkhaidze at the ICOM CIDOC 2023 International Conference Conference, News

ICOM Georgia board member Mariam Chkhaidze is participating in the ICOM CIDOC 2023 International Conference “Frontiers of Knowledge. Museums, Documentation and Linked Data”, which is held on September 24-28, 2023 at the National University of Mexico.

CIDOC 2023 Hybrid Format International Conference aims to explore the importance of expanding and transforming the boundaries of knowledge in museum documentation and digital integration.

Main topics and discussions:

  • Social responsibility of documentation – Recognizing the importance of the documentation process and understanding the fact that this process, along with the collection of physical data on exhibits, involves consideration of the wider context and social implications.
  • Migration to new database systems: Data migration from old digital database systems to new ones, offering improved detail and innovative approaches.
  • Artificial intelligence and museum documentation: Discussion forum explores the dynamic relationship between artificial intelligence and museum documentation. This issue is seen as a powerful tool and at the same time as a potential problem – Information security, although the integration of artificial intelligence elements will significantly simplify documentation processes.

After the end of the conference, Mariam Chkhaidze’s detailed report on the topics and results discussed at the conference will be published later.